Licensed Money Lender Review

Always get a loan from licensed money lenders. You may think it is more convenient to get a loan over the phone or SMS because you do not have to “waste” time travelling down. But do you realise that by not going to the office personally, you will have no idea who you are dealing with. In addition, it puts you at risk when you give your information over the phone to some one you do not know.

By getting a loan through SMS or phone calls, you are dealing with illegal money lenders aka loan sharks. With so many news reports on how aggressive loan sharks can get, do you still want to get a loan from them? Do you still want to put your family and home at risk? Even if you are sure that you will be able to make the repayment, do you think the loan sharks will let you off that easily?

Furthermore, with new regulations on money lenders and how much interest is chargeable, wouldn’t it be cheaper to borrow from a legal money lender instead?


Good Moneylenders in Singapore

To find a licensed or legal moneylender in Singapore is not tough. Throw a stone out of your window and you may hit a moneylender’s office. However, that does not mean that every money lender is good or reliable. To find a reliable money lender is the tough part. For example, before you purchase anything, you will do a review online and do comparison. Thus, you should also do this when looking for a money lender.

But to help you cut down time looking for a good moneylender, Quick Credit Pte Ltd is standing right here. We are definitely one of the best money lenders around in Singapore. Do not trust what we say? That’s ok. Have a quick look online for reviews and you will find that we have one of the highest licensed money lender review. And this is not just on one platform. You can see it yourself on Google Maps and many other moneylender review platform sites. Plus if you visit our office, you will see a few handwritten reviews from our previous borrowers.

These borrowers have thank us for helping them in their time of need!


Are you in financial trouble?

If you are in need of cash right now because of sudden bills or medical emergency or any reason, let us help you. Quick Credit Pte Ltd has been a legal license money lender in Singapore since 2002. We will be able to help you with any of your financial problems. Our most common and popular loan types are monthly loans and payday loans. With that said, we also provide other types of loans like bridging loans and debt consolidation.

Not to worry if you are not a Singaporean. We provide loans to permanent residents and even foreigners working in Singapore. We want to help everyone who needs cash.

Furthermore, all our loans are customise to fit your ability to repay the loan. If you prefer to pay only on your pay day, we can do that for you. If you want to pay within a week, that is possible as well. By customising your repayment date, you will be able to ensure that your loan will be paid off.


Contact us today @ +65 6899 6188 if you are looking for a loan. You can also find us at 2 Jurong East Street 21 #04-01A/B IMM Building Singapore 609601. 

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thanks so much quick credit and ms tan for helping me! you guys are really the best!!
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