Be Stylish While Saving Money

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on April 9, 2019

Be Stylish While Saving Money – We’ll Tell You How

Shopping is an expensive hobby. According to the Singaporean Government survey, an average household spends about $200 on purchasing clothing, footwear, and other personal items on a monthly basis. For avid shoppers, a budget of $2,400 could be easily multiple times bigger, given that even the cheapest Chanel bag can be thousands of dollars.

Your style is a form of self-expression. It reflects your moods, personality, attitude, and is a permanent representation of your story. We all go through transformation phases and the fashion we choose to adorn us often evolve along with the internal changes we experience.

Fashion is important, and anyone who says it is not is ignoring the fact that how much the clothes we choose, tell the world about us. However, clothes can be a little pricey.

When you want to look your best also while sticking to a budget, follow these eight tips to flaunt your style for less.

Revamp your Closet

Most people have a dozen clothes and only wear a small percentage of them. Categorize your wardrobe by getting rid of things you don’t need and replace with items you adorn. Make sure the items you keep tick the below checklist:

  • Fits your body well
  • You like it
  • You wear it often
  • They are still fashionable
  • Are well-made and in wearable condition

Distribute it to the needy and discard anything that does not tick the above boxes. Doing this is incredibly freeing and leaves you with a wardrobe that fits your current style and also, makes you feel great.

Make a Shopping List

After you have cleaned your wardrobe, you might be lacking with a few items. Make a list of everything you need and stick to that list as you shop.

A shopping list is a great tool that helps you keep on track and lets you stick to your budget. It is easy to distract oneself and end up with purchases you didn’t need especially when shopping for clothes. Who doesn’t like upgrading their closet? But, when you are on a budget and trying to save money, you need to stay focused and not let your determination dwindle.

As you purchase each item on your list, cross them off to prevent yourself from getting duplicates of the same thing.

Purchased Used Clothing

Never be afraid to try used outfits. Obtaining second-hand clothing that matches your style is tough but not impossible.

Thrift stores are excellent sources of affordable garments. Shop at ones that are organized and boast a variety of quality items. No one wants to waste time searching through poorly made clothes scattered all over the place.

Clothing in second-hand shops changes regularly so mark a visit often to find great deals. Don’t be lured into purchasing items just because of the inexpensive price tag.

Search for classic clothing that you like and try each item so you can be sure that it fits you well. Before completing the purchase, check that everything is in excellent condition.

Wait for Sales and Discounts

Discounts are a great way to purchase clothes at a lower price. Many retailers offer significant discounts when public holidays are around the corner. Take advantage of these exciting deals and buy the items on your list then and there.

Get Cash Back

If you get paid to shop, you will do it a lot more. With Ebates, you can do just that!

Ebates is a free portal that allows you to get cash back when you purchase online at some of your favorite retailers. All that is needed is to create an account, shop, and receive your money through PayPal or via check. It is that simple!

But, be careful while shopping online. You won’t be sure about the clothes fitting until you receive it and try it on. Then, if you don’t like it the way it looks personally, you may have to return shipping along with the cost of delivery additionally. Pick stores that offer free shipping and also allow you to return purchases to your local store.

Everyone wants to look their best at all times, but it can be challenging when you are on a budget.

Use Only Cash

When you are on a saving spree and still want to express your stylish side, using cash is a tried and tested method.

Paying with cash may seem old-fashioned, but credit cards are big red flags for debts. They allow you to overspend and before you realize, you accumulate quite a hefty bill. Furthermore, you need to pay the total balance by the due date, otherwise, brace yourself for the high-interest fees the bank applies to your account.

When you go shopping, take the cash equivalent of what you kept aside in your budget. Yes, you need a budget for that for your information. The money acts as a great reminder of how much you have to spend, and this helps you keep in check. When you don’t have any more cash, you can’t buy anything else.

Shop Online Economically

Consider trying to shop online. Online stores have great deals. For people who know their sizes, it works out for them most of the time. Online shopping for accessories, like purses, scarves, or brands that you know fit because you’ve worn them before would be your best bet.

Look for free shipping and the option to return to your local store.

Take a Shopping Buddy

If you are one of those who is lured to overspend or go above the list, take a shopping partner with you to hold you accountable. Do not try to take a friend who will do the opposite.

When you have a humongous mortgage and bills to pay, these tips have to be on your checklist. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t dress stylishly. Use these tips to save money and spend wisely – embrace your style for less.

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