How Can Businesses Create a Smarter Workplace

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on November 17, 2017

How Can Businesses Create a Smarter Workplace 

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smart workplace
smart workplace

Gone are the days where your day at work ends as the clock strikes 5. Decades ago, your work officially ended as you left the office space and you only come back to it the next day. Today, the advent of technology has changed the face of businesses. Technology has made work easier and smarter. So, is your business using technology at the workplace?  

High productivity and profits are the ultimate goals of any business owner. But, as an entrepreneur, you alone are not going to achieve that. As and when your business grows your team expands and collectively you take your firm toward success. To achieve these goals, entrepreneurs are striving to build an ideal and productive workplace.  

But, what is an ideal workplace? An ideal workplace focuses on smart work. Your workforce can decide the success and failure of your business. Having a smarter workforce is your first step to build a smart workplace. However, with the challenges posed by technology how do you do that? The use of technology in a positive way combined with certain other measures can help you build a smart workplace.  


Using Technology to Benefit Your Business and Employees 

Technology helps ease a lot of business tasks. Using the benefits of technology to bring more productivity and flexibility to your business can help create a smarter workforce. How?  

Use it for Easy Communication 

You no longer have to worry about connecting with a potential employee having a day-off for a crucial meeting or going to the employee sitting in a distant corner of the office to communicate an important thing. Technology can do that for you. Using Google Hangouts, Skype, e-mail, etc. to communicate in as well as out of office allows ease and flexibility. If an employee needs to take a half-day to cater to her kid’s needs, they can be available on mail and phone in case of need. This offers work-life balance and ensures productivity is not hampered.  

Digitising Business Operations For Enhanced Organisation 

Technology leads to an organised workforce and business. Disorganised tasks and data lead to low productivity and failures. Use technology to organise business operations and daily tasks. Adopt an electronic filing system, cloud-based accounting software, digital inventory management, productivity trackers, and more to ease business operations. Furthermore, utilise reminders and calendars to set up tasks. Utilising technology to make your business more organised will leave you and your workforce with more time to focus on important tasks.  

When using technology to your advantage ensure you have plans to reduce the disadvantages that come along. For example, spending too much time on social media or constantly going back to email and chats can be distracting. Encouraging employees toward organising their time and identifying the line between breaks and distraction can be helpful.  

Offering More Flexibility  

Research has shown that lack of breaks leads to burnout and low productivity. When you work for days together or even for long hours without taking enough breaks, you may stress yourself out and lower your productivity. To provide employees an encouraging work atmosphere, Indeed, a tech company introduced unlimited paid vacations in 2016. When researched its productivity, the company found that they hit the goals in spite of the fact that its employees took 30 percent more time off. Offering employees the flexibility to take time off work and encouraging them to take frequent breaks during work can take away the work pressure and bring you a healthier and a smarter workforce.  

Provide a Comfortable Environment 

No one likes working in dull and boring spaces. Comfort has a huge impact on employee productivity. Considering the amount of time employees spend at workplaces today, comfort is an important factor to create a smart workplace. There’s nothing worse than an employee showing low productivity because of monotonous work routines or developing a back problem sitting in a single place for hours together. Ergonomics or the study of people efficiency at workplaces and aligning that with your office infrastructure could be helpful in creating a comforting and fun environment. A vibrant and balanced space with alternative seating options can offer employees with a different vibe and in turn, enhance their productivity.  

Continuous Motivation  

Who does not want some encouragement and recognition at workplaces? Everyone does. In fact, millennials continuously seek feedback and motivation. Additionally, they are attracted to workplaces that have employee engagement programs like social events. Feedback is vital to keep and enhance an employee’s productivity. Timely feedback, rewards, and support, offers motivation to employees and encourages them to give their best. Plus, having socially driven activities or fun sessions like company barbeques or lunches can get them excited about work prevent them from slipping them to discouragement and boredom.  

A smart workplace starts with a smart team. Implement these points and build a smart workplace by having a motivated and energised talent team.  

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