How to Earn Money with Bitcoin (2018 Update)

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on February 8, 2018

How to Earn Money with Bitcoin  

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Breaking international barriers, cryptocurrencies now allow us to eliminate the handicap caused by the tedious process of foreign currency conversion when conducting international  trading. The unexpected boom that these cryptocurrencies have experienced in the recent years has financial analysts scratching their heads. Nothing could have prepared them for this back in 2008.  

People naturally have all sorts of questions. “Are Bitcoins a risky investment?”, “Do governments recognise Bitcoins?” “How do I earn money with Bitcoins?” Among other such questions.Let’s take a step back to understand how it works though.  

In easiest terms, cryptocurrencies are a collection of computer codes that happen to have a certain monetary value. Furthermore, bitcoins are not issued by any International or Government institution; these currencies are completely unregulated and decentralized. 

The residents of Singapore have much to cheer about because their establishment does recognise bitcoins. It is a perfectly legal instrument, and the MAS plans to regulate businesses that operate with bitcoins.  Traders, however, would be taxed accordingly. The MAS also warns users of the potential risks that surround bitcoins, and rightly so. There are financial and security dangers that could result in losses. This  article aims to explain how could you can earn money with bitcoins.  

Bitcoin Exchange 

Relatively uncomplicated, a ‘Bitcoin Exchange’ works just like generic buying and selling works. The working is simple; you must purchase bitcoins, store them safely, and hope the value increases over time.    

How to Earn Money with Bitcoin Exchange 

You would first make a purchase. Singapore residents could make the purchase through the standard means: credit cards, debit cards, and bank transfers. In Singapore, there are several popular exchanges that you could choose from. The most popular ones are Coinbase, Coinmama, GDAX, and Luno among others. It is important to check the privacy and security levels of your account before you are done with the process. Additionally, it is essential that you store your bitcoins in a Bitcoin Wallet.

The exchanges offer their own, but for higher security, hardware wallets such as Ledger Nanos or TREZOR are preferred. Knowledge Requirements 

A basic understanding of bitcoins is imperative. Uses should also conduct thorough research of the available exchanges, and their offerings; and available wallets, and their offerings as well. The key here is to fortify your account in order to avoid security risks.  A better understanding of security aspects is essential to ensure your bitcoins are not stolen. For greater security, storing the bitcoins in a local hardware (cold storage) is the best way to move forward.   

CFD Trading 

CFD stands for ‘Contract for Difference’. Thus, CFD Trading is essentially ‘playing the market’, and only, bitcoin markets are excessively volatile. This means there are natural risks, and earning profits is uncertain.  

How to Earn Money with Bitcoin CFD Trading 

The concept of CFD Trading is build around speculating the rise or fall in the value of bitcoins. This method of earning money with bitcoin appeals to some because there is no question of owning bitcoins, and by extension, there is no question of safely securing bitcoins either. The agreement in place allows you to trade the difference in the value of bitcoins from the time of entering the contract to the time of contract termination.  

For example: let us assume the current valuation of bitcoin is $1000. The current buying and selling rates are $1005 and $995 respectively. The valuation to buy one contract equals 100 bitcoins. You predict a price rise and decide to speculate via CFD. Since the buying rate is $1005, you make a buy at that rate. The value of bitcoin surges by 50 pips.

Now, the value of buying and selling jumps, and rises to $1055 and $1045 respectively. You would make a sell at the selling rate of $1045, and in the process, pocketing the difference of 40 (Initial buy at $1005 and eventual sell at $1045). You just make $4000!  

The key takeaway here is that you need to be aware of how the market works to make accurate speculations. Inaccurate speculations result in losses.        

Knowledge Requirements 

Essential know-how of how the market works is the only prerequisite to successfully  of earn money with bitcoins through CFD Trading. This knowledge is essential because it gets you to make relatively accurate speculations, and as we’ve discussed earlier, inaccurate speculations endanger your chances.  


Bitcoin Mining 

Bitcoin Mining is the means to generate the currency itself. The bitcoins that you have mined also function the same way as the currency that you purchase through exchanges.  


How to Earn Money with Bitcoin Mining 

Additionally, the process of mining bitcoins is rather complex. The process involves using high power-consumption,  and sophisticated machinery. Your computer’s graphic card and processing power are capable of solving complex mathematical algorithms. These complex algorithms are essentially ‘Blocks’ that miners look to solve to extend the ‘chain’. The number of bitcoins that you mine heavily depends on the processing power of your hardware. Additionally, you also have the option of opting for a cloud-based bitcoin mining.  


Knowledge Requirements  

The key requisite here is the strength of your personal computer. Earlier, mining was done through the CPU itself. But these days, a graphic card (GPU) is preferrable instead. GPUs present a far brisker way of mining bitcoins. Certain experts think highly of the ATI HD 7950 cards. However, keep in mind, cards of higher quality come at a premium.  

There are other indirect ways to earn money with bitcoins. These methods include selling products and services that pay in bitcoins and, creating bitcoin-related websites that are informative nature. This is not far-fetched since these currencies work globally, and help us bypass the inconvenient process of currency conversion.  

Dealing with bitcoins has its own risks. If your security arrangements are not adequate, you risk the possibility that your bitcoins are stolen. Bitcoin market is very promising and there is no reason why you should not invest some of your surplus money, there is a fair chance that the investment you are making could pay rich dividends.    


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