Prestigious Jobs That Pay Less Than You Think (2017 Update)

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on July 11, 2017


Prestigious Jobs That Pay Less
Prestigious Jobs That Pay Less

It is obvious that most people go to college, so they get a fancy, great-paying job at the end. But it doesn’t mean that a prestigious job will give you desirable, huge amounts of money. Surprisingly, some fancy titles like being an optometrist or an architect actually pay less than you might be expecting.

Data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals some fancy jobs with typically low earnings. Let’s begin with the already mentioned – optometrist. They generally make up to $115,750 per year. They are in charge of diagnosis and treatment of human eye defects. And a dentist, who underwent a similar training, earns around $177,130 per year, while pediatrician scoops up to $183,180 annually.


In our list, we also have biomedical engineer as one of the lowest-paying prestigious jobs. They receive up to $91,230 annually, and they tackle building solutions for problems in medicine and biology. For you to qualify as a biomedical engineer, you need a degree in biomechanical or biomedical engineering.

Among the less-paying prestigious jobs is credit analyst. For you to be one, you must at least have a bachelor’s degree. They earn up to $79,720 a year. They are always in charge of credit data and financial statements of companies and people. They typically determine the risks associated with extending loans and credits.

Are Psychologists Really Getting A Good Pay?

Psychologists are really handling a very technical task. It is tough how they use brains to tackle problems associated with brain. They evaluate mental and emotional disorders, as well as conduct researches on the same.

Psychology is one of the carriers that demands highly trained personnel. Most people in this field have doctoral degrees, or at least a master’s degree. But with masters, your abilities in the profession are minimized – and you can only work after you are licensed by the governing authority. On the other hand, doctoral degree permits you to handle all cases (both easy and complex). Despite all these restrictions, and hard-to-get qualifications, it is still one of the jobs with less pay. The average annual earnings for a psychologist are $77,950.

What Is The Average Earning For A College Professor?

First, you should understand that a college professor teaches students beyond the high-school level. In addition, they conduct researches and write papers and books. To be a college professor, you typically need a PhD, though we’ve seen other colleges and universities accepting people with Masters as their teachers. Their pay varies depending on the areas handled – physics and economics are known to give a higher pay. The average annual earnings for a college professor are $77,480.

Remember the information provided here is based on data obtained from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics – on the mean salary of full-time workers. It is therefore not uniform all over the world.

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