Prosperous New Year!

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on February 5, 2016


The Lunar New Year is fast approaching. Have you stocked up on your new year goodies or changed for new notes at the bank yet? This is the period where families get together and have reunion dinners, and also the practice of giving out red packets for good luck in the coming Monkey year.

Apart from the standard superstitions like not sweeping the floor on the first day of Lunar New Year (as it will sweep away all the luck), to not using knives and scissors as it will cut away all the wealth and fortune. The annual “Li Chun” has hyped up the banks and cash deposit machines all across Singapore. The practice to deposit money into their accounts on Li Chun has gained popularity in the recent years. Some believe that depositing in money will help in growing wealth and ensuring good luck. Some has gone to the extent of checking their auspicious timings and brought along specific amount of money based on the zodiac signs for extra luck.

Li Chun, also known as Farmers’ Day, typically falls around February 4 each year. Farmers are known to celebrate the beginning of Li Chun with special events, worshipping and offerings to the Gods, and praying for a blissful and prosperous new year ahead. The Lunar New Year is also celebrated around this time.

While the younger generation typically do not believe in these do’s and don’ts, such traditions and customs are still widely practiced. It is somehow a way to preserve identity and provide a continuity from the past to the present.

A word of caution: We know that there will always be some form of gambling during the Chinese New Year. We urge all to play with caution and practice responsible gambling. Do not forget that the fun may result in huge debts if one is not careful. This is especially so for problem gamblers who want to try their luck during the festive season. Borrowing money to gamble is not advised. If you need financial counselling or advise, feel free to call us.

Last but not the least, from everybody at Quick Credit Pte. Ltd, we wish a Prosperous Monkey Year ahead。年年有余,身体健康,财源广进!

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