Steps to Prepare Financially for a Newborn (2017 Update)

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on December 5, 2017

Steps to Prepare Financially for a Newborn 

It’s always a delight to have a new member of the family or knowing that you are going to be a parent shortly. However, for lots of people, the financial uncertainty of bringing a child into this world can be a source of stress. That said; in this piece of information, we are going to enlighten you on several tips that will assist you to bring a child into the world devoid of worrying about your financial situation.  


Ensure Your Emergency Fund Intact 

There is nothing that is so convenient such as having an emergency fund in place. It might sound hard or an attainable to have sufficient emergency fund, but that will only remain unseen if you haven’t taken the first step. You can always save a piece of your month to month paycheck into your emergency reserve fund. That said, you have to note that, babies are very delicate being and they are only going to enhance the chances of emergencies. Therefore, if you don’t have an emergency reserve in place, it is high time to create a plan to contribute to an adequate rainy day fund.  

Plan for Increased Expenses 

With additional people in the family comes extra expenditure. If you already have a budget, you need to sit and think about on how it will look once you have a new member of the family (baby). If you lack the idea of the amount the newborn will need on a monthly basis, ask friends who have had baby lately or make a simple calculation. Once you have the real picture of what the newborn baby will need monthly; you have to start thinking about what expenses you will have to cut to accommodate the cost of him/her. Never forget factoring in the cost of health insurance.    

Evaluate Your Health Insurance Options 

Health Insurance option has never been a better option for many individuals. However, in a situation such as giving birth, health insurance has been one of the best tools in ensuring that women get the best maternity attention all over the work. Luckily, there are several health insurances to choose from, and the only thing you need to do is select a plan that will offer more coverage for the newborn-related expenses. As you make your choice, you also have t check how much more it will cost you to add the baby to mom’s or dad’s health insurance plan. Having a child qualifies as a qualifying life event which will provide you with a chance to improve your health insurance by work or the healthcare exchange outside of the yearly open enrollment time.

Finally, it makes lots of sense to switch from one plan to another relying on the increased cost of adding up dependents. 

Plan for Paid/Unpaid Leave 

You and your better half discussed how much time you are planning to take off? If not, this is the right now to do so. Leave are usually very critical to the mother, father and the newborn during this time. That said, as a family, you also need cash to be able to cater to the need for the newly born child and now here comes the situation of paid leave.  

As an employee of any company ensure that you have information as to whether your firm proffers paid, unpaid or partly paid leave and more importantly, how long the benefits last. If you are planning to take unpaid leave or partially paid expenses, it is essential to have money set apart to pay for the expenditure whereas you are on the payroll.    

Think About Estate Planning 

It might appear a bit off the hook, however, having an estate planning document in place early enough might be a good idea because anything might happen for instance death and so forth. You have to start thinking about whom you what your property left to when you die and whom you would wish as a guardian for your child. You can write all these intentions in your estate planning documents. It is also the best time to reassess your life insurance needs, factoring the newborn. 

Start Thinking About College 

When a baby is born, you all concentrate on the immediate things. Like clothing the baby, feeding the baby and so forth. However, it is relatively essential to have a long-term plan for securing your future and your child’s future. With that in mind, you need to begin discussing the percentage of college cost you would like to save. Make a plan to save enough cash to achieve your college funding goals. Just like retirement, beginning early is one of the most vital things. You can do so to save enough to achieve your goals. Once you have a saving plan in place, work with an expert and see which kind of plan works better for you. 

Preparing financially for a baby might assist you to plan for the unanticipated and protect you from the unexpected. If you still do not know where to go from here. Look for an expert who can assist you or educate you; however, you need to make sure that he/she is a certified personnel. 

Open a baby-fund for diverse baby plus mommy expenditure 

Besides getting health and life insurance, you can as well open an account for the newborn. And start saving for him/her for the unexpected eventuality. The many you are saving in the baby account might be of great importance in different ways. For instance, buying clothes, medical care as well as any other extra cost that comes your way. Financial preparation will assist in dealing with stress-related with unforeseen issues.  

Discuss and explore daycare 

Before you get a baby, you need to discuss. If you or your better half has the plan to stay in the house with the child. Or if you’ll use a daycare. All the options can affect your financial ability dramatically. Before doing anything, you need to discuss options to give yourselves a chance. To prepare for a financial change which will assist both of you to deal with stress effectively. 


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