If You Are Still Paying Down Debt, You Are Possibly Doing It Wrongly (2017 Update)

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on June 9, 2017
Paying Down Debt, You Possibly Do It Wrongly
Paying Down Debt, You Possibly Do It Wrongly

I think my college graduation was one of my happiest days in life. I really worked hard to earn a degree in accounting. But then, I was worried about how I was to pay that $30,000 student loan. For sure, I was not alone in this. All graduates were worried about the debt ahead of them. However, because I hate staying in debt, I dedicated my efforts towards getting rid of it.


Throughout my entire life in college, I was involved in some part time job that involved manicures and pedicures – though I did not like it. I was lucky to secure a well-paying accountant job, but felt the amount was still little to pay off the loan ASAP. It forced me to continue with my job at the salon. It was not a friendly idea. Nevertheless, I had to do it, so I could be free from the student loan debt at the end.


I sacrificed most of my precious time, family time, and relationship time since I worked for 75 hours in a week. Thanks to the strategy – it was worth it.

Just eleven months later, I had cleared all the $30,000 debt. When my family and friend heard about my great success, they started asking for my guidance, to help them clear off their debts too.

From there, I started coaching and blogging, and my business grew exponentially. Here is what you should know about paying debts, and the mistakes people make along the way.


You Are Waiting To Earn More

If you are not paying off your debt because you are still waiting for huge salaries, know that you are setting up yourself for future disappointments.

Life is so unpredictable. May be your company will freeze pay bump for some years, and you may be force to take a leap into entrepreneurship to start your own business from scratch. If not, you may be force to join a new career, and you will have to accept a lower paying work to acquaint yourself some new skills. In the process, your income rate may be equal to the rate of expenditure, so you do not save anything at the end.

You never know what tomorrow will bring. Do not wait for greater success when you already have enough resources to do something. Some people mistakenly think success is ahead and yet, already they are in their twilight.

Never postpone a repayment program. Use every opportunity given to repay your loan debts.


You Are Fully Dedicated To the Task

If you are reluctant about repaying your loan, you will not realize any results. Put much of your attention to the task, commit yourself, and handle it as if it is an emergency issue.

Bring your lunch to work, hire someone to help you achieve better results, and do whatever it takes to earn more. By that, you will repay whatever the debt amount within a very short period of time.

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