How to Strategically Save Your Money (2017 Update)

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on April 21, 2017

Strategically Save Your Money
Strategically Save Your Money


“Never spend your money before you have it.” – Thomas Jefferson


Since we were small, we have always been taught by our parents, teachers, and adults in general about the importance of saving. Many of us have had little piggy banks and it was almost a habit to add a few coins to it and impatiently wait till the day it fills up to the brink. Now the problem is, how many of us have taken this habit into our adult lives? How many of us keep aside even a small amount of money just for the sake of saving it for the future?

I am sure there are many adults out there who do not maintain a savings account even after they pass their thirties. For those who do, good job! Keep on saving, since it is one of the most intelligent choices you make for yourself. For those who have still not got the hang of saving your earnings, let me give you a few strategic tips on how to save your money.


Why should you save your money?

Before we get on to the ways of saving your money, let us take a brief look at why exactly is saving money important to you. One of the biggest reasons to save your money is to maintain the stability of your life. The amount of money that you will make will be different at each stage of your life. You will definitely make more money as an executive than your internship days. However, saving should not depend on how much you make. It is important that you save a percentage of money despite the amount you make since you might face difficulties such as losing your job or facing an emergency without a prior warning. Having a stable and ongoing savings account will help you to be focused and confident even in the lowest points of your life.


How to be strategic with your savings?

Saving without a proper plan can lead you to get deviated and out of focus easily. It is important that you always save with a goal in mind.


Keep Long time and Short time goals

It is important that you keep both long term and short term goals when you save. A long term goal will keep you striving to do more and work harder while your short term goals will keep you focused.


Automate your savings

Let’s face it! Keeping money aside from your paycheck is not an easy thing to do. In your life, you always have seemingly more important needs which require you to spend that money on. Therefore, a smart practice would be to find a way that your savings go to a secure account automatically. Banks offer these functions especially aiming at the individuals who take monthly salaries and want to carry out a stable savings habit.


Prioritize your needs

A good saving habit should always be tied with good spending habits. Always be conscious about the money that you spend. Prioritizing your needs will give you the control on the way you spend as you go about life, without falling into mindless spending.


It is important that you always keep a track record of both your earnings and expenditure. Make budgeting a habit. Once you get used to noting down your expenses, it will not take much of an effort. There are many mobile applications which will make this easier for you.


Be strategic and watch your savings grow!

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