Things to do in Amsterdam

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on July 28, 2017
Things to do in Amsterdam
Things to do in Amsterdam

Yes, you’ve heard about Amsterdam. For a city that is so globally beloved, it is hard to believe that many think that it simply has nothing to offer them. There are some counter-cultural elements to the city of Amsterdam, but it is also one of the most beautiful and vibrant cities in the world. Here are a few things about Amsterdam that everybody can enjoy:

The Aesthetic

Yes, it is a pretty city– but it is also wild, fun, and imaginative. The city’s core center is not on any type of comprehensible grid, and it seems as if there are a million routes to everywhere. As you wind your way through the alleys of Amsterdam, you’ll discover squares and public areas that are simply gems; and because of the spiralling path that led you there, there is an element of wonder as to how many others have shared the same journey that you have… As far as being a canal city, it its beauty is second only to Venice, but the general vibe of the city is much more current; whereas Venice sometimes feels like a museum, a painting, or an artefact, Amsterdam is still fully alive and relevant. Not to mention, the Dutch architecture is as fine as any classic European city.



The Anne Frank museum is globally recognized for its significance in honoring the legacy of one of history’s most heroic and brave young women. The Van Gogh museum offers a fine tribute to one of the world’s most infamous and skilled artists; the collection includes over 200 paintings and nearly 600 sketches created by Vincent Van Gogh. The Rijksmuseum is another famous gem, with paintings by artists like Rembrandt, and the National Maritime Museum is particularly interesting because of Amsterdam’s entire history as an aquatic city.


Special Events

The city is always booming with seasonal events that rotate all year round. The winter is full of holiday festivals and celebrations, whereas you will find performance art, music, and theatre is abundant and affordable through the summer. Ask a local, or somebody else in the know, what is going on during the exact days that you will be in Amsterdam, and you will surely be presented with a plethora of exciting options.



Depending on the time you are looking to treat yourself to, Amsterdam can be wild or relaxing, rejuvenating or draining, fun or nuanced. Yes, the city offers a little something for absolutely everybody.


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