Travelling To Singapore: What To Bring

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on August 21, 2017
Travelling To Singapore
Travelling To Singapore

So, you’ve decided to travel to the unique land of Singapore. Wonderful choice! Because of Singapore’s modern, urban reputation, and Southeast Asian location, many are actually unsure about what to expect from their visit. This is perfectly natural, of course, but there are a few items that you should definitely considering bringing with you– unless you want to purchase them when you arrive!

Dress For The Weather!

Singapore is in a tropical climate zone! It is hot, humid, and often very rainy. There are two monsoon seasons, one from December-March, and the other from June to September. Moreso than the rain, you should be prepared for hot, hot heat.



You would be wise to plan on wearing shorts, and only shorts! Unless, of course, you’re interesting in wearing dresses and skirts. If you come from somewhere cooler than Singapore, (which is most places, to be honest), you will probably be rather uncomfortable in long, heavy shirts and pants or jeans! Come equipped with breezy clothes that leave some skin exposed! Dress lightly, because even though the country is quite responsible with its air-conditioning, it can’t follow you everywhere! A sweater or light jacket will only be required if you end up sitting too close to an air conditioner for an extended period of time.


Accessories & Products

Because of the hot, bright days, sunglasses will definitely be a useful accessory. Many will be available for purchase, but certainly don’t hesitate to bring yours along if you have a pair that you like to wear. Sunscreen will be an essential unless you are looking to colour yourself with a nice, sore burn. Many tourists end up purchasing mosquito repellent; in some areas, specifically out of the city and into the more rural places, the mosquitoes can be very prominent– and they carry the risk of infecting you with diseases like Dengue Fever. No, thank you! Bring repellent along if you plan on going out into the wild. If you’d rather not risk getting a little wet, an umbrella is also a wise addition to your repertoire.



There have been many travel guides and books written about experiencing Singapore. These days, the Internet is seemingly just as valuable, but many still prefer the practicality of carrying a pocket book. These books will supply you with valuable information on accommodation, restaurants, cultural nuances, and the differences between each of the regions and areas of Singapore. The public transit in town also offers pamphlets with train & bus times, which will also be very helpful if that is how you intend on getting around.



Yes, there are certainly things that are helpful to bring along, but don’t worry: anything useful that you may forget (and more), will be widely available to you in the many shops and stores that you will continuously encounter during your time in Singapore!

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