Woodlands Personal Loan

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on March 19, 2020

Woodlands is the  North Region of Singapore with well planning residential town. In any matter, you require personal loans just looking to trusted licensed money lender in Woodlands– Quick Credit Pte Ltd. We comprehend the moment you urge for money for emergency expenses or the accomplishment of commitments. Therefore, we are simplify the loan process so you can get cash within 60mins.

Besides that, we also know that people search for a licensed moneylender company that’s reliable and provide low-interest rates, especially in some other areas. Therefore, Quick Credit offer services in other areas of Woodlands.

Advantages of Quick Credit loans:

  1. We offering various types of loans with low-interest rates.
  2. Adaptable loan tenure to fulfill every borrower’s needs.
  3. Simple monthly repayment plans that fit one’s paying capacity.
  4. The kindly staff explains every single term of detail.

Quick Credit Licensed Moneylender Services

  1. Personal Loan is designed to meet your individualistic needs, you can make use of the money to pay off the hospitalization fees, home renovation, wedding expenses, etc.
  2. Bridging loan is a short-term loan, e.g. you are in the process of selling your current house and purchase of a new house.
  3. Business Loan is specially created for SME entrepreneurs in Singapore. They can make use of the loan to expanding their business.
  4. Payday Loan is to assist you when there are unexpected expenses.

7 ways to get out of debt this year

There are countless reasons why people in Singapore fail to clear their debts. The most common reason is that people don’t have enough funds at the right time to repay their debts and the amount gets accumulated to become a significant debt. But we will share some amazing hacks with you that will help you get out of your debt this year. Here’s how you need to get started.

1.   List Down All Your Debts

Before actually thinking of how to pay off your debts, you must first make a list of all the debts you have. This is because you want to know exactly how much you owe each creditor. When you can clearly see the amount you owe and the number of people you owe it to, it will help you to design a better strategy to tackle the debts. You may miss out on repaying debts if you don’t have a written list.

2.   Calculate Your Budget and Debt-Income Ratio

Begin by creating a budget showing your income and expenditure for each month. This way, you can allocate your scarce resources more effectively. Designing a budget will also give you an idea about those expenses that you can cut down on or completely get away with.

When you have a budget in place, you must also determine your debt-income ratio. Ideally, the ratio of your debt and income should never exceed 35%. In other words, every month, 35% of your income should go to your debts and it should not go over that. Because anything more than that will disable you from paying all your dues. So, if you intend to take a new loan or credit card, see to it that the installments, along with your past obligations, don’t go over 35%. It is always best to avoid taking any new loan before settling your past repayments.

3.   Be Ready

The significant step towards tackling your debt is by accepting that you have a problem. And to get away from the problem, you will have to sacrifice a bit and put a lot of effort. Hence, be ready to cut down on your expenses. If you continue living a posh life with all the major expenses, you will have a tough time tackling your debt. So, start comparing goods and services available in the market and opt for the less expensive ones without compromising on the quality or features. Also, reduce spending on non-essentials like going out and entertainment until you have your finances back in control. These minor steps will leave you with more money in hand at the end of every month, that you can use to pay off your debt amount.

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