Best Investment Options In Singapore (2017 Update)

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on May 30, 2017
Best Investment Options In Singapore
Best Investment Options In Singapore

The one thing that all successful investors do right is choosing the right avenue. They know a good investment when they see it. It has potential, can provide high returns, and generate value consistently over time, helping in income as well as wealth generation. Singapore has a plethora of such options for the investors. All you must do is look closer and find the most amazing investment options that fulfill the above criteria.



Gold is an evergreen investment option for the cautious investors. Even the most adventurous investors with a high-risk appetite hold gold in their investment profile to hedge against inflation and losses in equities. Prices can increase, leading to a decrease in the value of money. Investor confidence, obviously, also drops in this case. Gold becomes a good hedge against inflationary tendencies. The prices have typically been on a rise which helps the investors get some necessary protection against inflation. Moreover, gold is a physical asset which many investors also see as a highly liquid investment. Gold ETFs are also good options.


CPF Special Account

The Central Provident Fund (CPF) Special Account can provide you 5% return over the years. The average market return of 4.18% is far behind in this case. If you have money, park it in this special account and watch your money grow. If you are young, this account will definitely be your primary choice for making investments. You can either start making voluntary contributions to this account or simply migrate from an ordinary account to a special account. However, you must remember that this is an irreversible step. Even if you are in your 40s, CPF Special Account should be a great investment for you as it can be withdrawn when you are 55 which is also the maximum age limit for holding such an account.



This is by far the most popular investment option in Singapore and you must invest here for sure. The Strait Times Index or STI measures the pulse of the market by tracking the performance of the top 30 stocks. Bad performing stocks are continuously removed and fresh stocks are added to ensure that only the best performing companies get to stay in the index without favor or unfair advantage. The STI ETF caters to the biggest 30 companies in Singapore, which contribute the most to the Indian GDP. Therefore, it becomes a great investment option. The 10-year average return of an STI ETF is 5-6%, which is considerably higher than many other investment options.


Investing in Singapore is easy and you get tons of avenues to park your money. Some bond options like Singapore Government Securities (SGS) Bonds and retail bonds are good options but the returns are not usually high. Still, it is good to hold a couple of debt instruments in your portfolio to tackle uncertainties.


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