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on March 18, 2020

Bukit Panjang is west of Singapore with well planning residential town. In the event, you need urgent cash just approaching to best licensed money lender in Bukit Panjang – Quick Credit Pte Ltd. We comprehend the urge for money for emergency expenses or the accomplishment of commitments. In the event, you need a budget for your wedding, vacations or even in an emergency situation we provide several moneylender services with low and competitive interest rates.

Besides that, we also know that people search for a licensed moneylender company that’s reliable and provide low-interest rates, especially in some other areas. Therefore, Quick Credit strive to offer services in other areas like Bukit Panjang.

Advantage of Quick Credit loans:

  1. We offering various types of loans with low-interest rates.
  2. Adjustable loan tenure to fulfill every borrower’s needs.
  3. Simple monthly repayment plans that fit one’s paying capacity.
  4. The kindly staff explains the loan term in detail.

Quick Credit Moneylender Services

  1. Personal Loan is designed to meet your individualistic needs, you can make use of the money to pay off the hospitalization fees, purchase new gadgets, wedding expenses, etc.
  2. Bridging loan is a short-term loan, e.g. you are in the process of selling your current house and purchase of a new house.
  3. Business Loan is specially created for SME entrepreneurs in Singapore. They can make use of the loan to expanding their business.
  4. Payday Loan is to assist you when there are unexpected expenses.

Several Steps to Build Your Financial Portfolio

Running a startup or a small business comes with great responsibility. As the business owner, you need to focus on the expansion and growth of the business. Many times you might become so involved in the business activities that you may forget to create your own financial portfolio. You need to know that it is important to create a financial portfolio so that you can have a one-stop solution to build wealth beyond your regular income.

How to start?

As a business owner, your first step is to handle your current financial situation by asking yourself these following questions:

  • What is my business worth?
  • If I need to sell it tomorrow, what would I be able to walk away with?
  • What are the assets that I have outside the business?
  • What are the future and current cash needs?

These questions will help you identify the purpose and will prepare you to confront the results while creating the financial portfolio. So here are the main steps to build your financial portfolio

Step 1. Make a List

As a business owner, you need to understand that savings and investments are not alike. While you are saving a part of the income, you are not utilizing the amount. When you put your savings, partly or fully, into an investment instrument, it qualifies as an investment. Make a list of the things that are bringing you income and the things which are causing you to spend. In other words, make a list of everything that you own (cars, stocks, bonds, shares, bank accounts) and everything that you owe (additional expenses and loans). You need to be honest with what you put in the list. The purpose of having a portfolio is to analyze where you stand in your life financially right now. If crafted properly, this balance sheet can help you understand your net worth. Use this formula to know the net worth at the end of the table:

Net worth = Assets – Liabilities

If the assets exceed the liabilities you have a positive net worth, but if you have a negative net worth, your debt is higher in your financial assets. Make use of software or various Excel sheets to list the assets and liabilities respectively.

Step 2. Access Your Current Investment Portfolio

Though listing your assets and liabilities is the most time-consuming part, it can pull your portfolio together accurately. The portfolio actually helps you to organize your thinking about what you own. It is important to be certain of the accounts that you have listed down. While you analyze the things listed down, do not use mental counting as it can lead to errors.

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