Jurong East Personal Loan

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on March 18, 2020

Jurong East has located East of Singapore with well planning residential town. In the event, you need Personal Loan just approaching to best licensed money lender in Jurong  East– Quick Credit Pte Ltd. Quick Credit is always ready to giving help hand. In the event, you need funds for your wedding, vacations or even in an emergency situation we provide several moneylender services with low and competitive interest rates.

jurong east personal loan

Characteristic of Quick Credit loans:

  1. Offering various types of loans with competitive interest charges.
  2. Adjustable loan tenure to fulfill every borrower’s needs.
  3. Simple monthly repayment plans that suitable borrower’s paying capacity.
  4. Contract term will explain in detail by the experienced staff.

Quick Credit Moneylender Services

  1. Personal Loan is designed to meet your individualistic needs, you can make use of the money to pay off the hospitalization fees, purchase new gadgets, wedding expenses, etc.
  2. Bridging loan is a short-term loan, e.g. you are in the process of selling your current house and purchase of a new house.
  3. Business Loan is specially created for SME entrepreneurs in Singapore. They can make use of the loan to expanding their business.
  4. Payday Loan is to assist you when there are unexpected expenses.

How Do You Measure Your Financial Progress

You have daily spendings that you need to take care of. So, here we provide some insights on how to measure your financial progress, so you would know how much are you spending and saving.


Savings are also an important aspect to check your financial progress. You will have a savings account where you can check how much you are saving. Then there are some saving plans like for emergency funds or retirement savings plans. Keep in check that how much are you saving annually.

You are working hard to save for your retirement or to achieve some goal. But make sure you have an efficient amount of savings in your account. Savings should be enough to hold you if in case you have to leave your job for some reason.

The more money you save for your retirement plan, the more happy returns you will have in the future. Don’t stay unconcerned about your future; start planning on it. The more you save, the more you will progress financially.

Credit Cards

Credit cards are something that most of the Singaporeans hold with them and spend with them. The more you use eventually, the more will be the bill payment. Credit cards hold high-interest rates n them that can be difficult for a person to repay. So make it a point that you spend your credit card amount in a limit and pay your credit card loans in due time.

Credit card payments add high-interest rates after the due date of paying the bill is crossed. Your credit score gets low, which should not be the case. High credit score and paying your credit debts in time are the signs of progressing financially.


After all, to see how much have you progressed in society, you can compare yourself with society. Compare yourselves financially with friends, family, and neighbors. Comparing yourself doesn’t mean to envy and feel depressed yourself. It is just seeing what am I capable of accomplishing the things that others have accomplished financially.

Sit and think about what the things that you want, you are affordable to buy but cannot. See how others have achieved those financially, compare how you can achieve that and go on. It is not a race or competition with others. It is to see how you can become more financially stable by learning from others.

People rely heavily on money to achieve their goals. Money is a necessity and to use it adequately is a trick that people should know how to practice. We have enlisted these measures for you to see where you stand and what more you are capable of.

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