How To Retire At Age 50 (2017 Update)

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on September 26, 2017

How to retire at age 50 

Everybody hopes for a comfortable and healthy retirement. It is possible to retire at an early age by saving enough income for your retirement days. There are many retire options for you, finding the right one being your only task. 

It can be disastrous to be in your retirement days without sufficient income. How much do I need to retire? 

The right answer for this involves a plan that will cover all emergencies. Moreover, it should cater for your needs comfortably without you having to strain yourself. The plan has to be more than just basic requirements for you to enjoy your retire days. 

With your finances intact, you can now look forward to a much secure future. 


So how should you plan for your retirement? 

Retirement planning is all you need to sustain yourself. There are critical aspects to be considered when planning for retirement. These aspects are: 

  • Having sufficient funds. 
  •  Having paid off all your debts. 
  •  Whether you are incurring medical care expenses. 


It takes a few steps to make a retire plan. You should look into your financial situation to know where to begin. From there, you will be able to budget effectively for retire. Once you come up with a retirement plan, it goes without question that part of this exercise is keeping track of your savings. 

After you have taken up the task of saving, add more funds into your savings account.  Thereafter, build up on your savings which will consequently draw your goals closer. 

Misuses of income through ways such as gambling can cost you a fortune. More so, consider the emergencies and higher expense to income ratio. The more the expenses you have, the more income you’ll need. 

Once you clear off debt, it’s time to acquire and also safeguard all your assets. Anything you may own can be classified as an asset which can be used to earn you some genuine income. Your health is crucial when planning for your retire so start considering visiting your doctor for regular check-ups. 

You stand to benefit a lot when you seek help from an expert who has grasped the ins and outs of the various retire plans you wish to have. By doing so, you will be in a better position to know where you lay. 

How to earn extra income for retirement. 

It is evident that you will require enough money to help you sustain yourself in your retire days. For this reason, you will need to be creative enough and focused to succeed.  

For many of us, our salaries are our main sources of income but there are always other ways to garner more! Here are some ways to make more money in preparation for your retire days: 

  • Get a new and better paying job. 
  • Ask for a salary raise. 
  • Become a tour guide. 
  • Be a Virtual assistant. 
  • Consider tutoring on your free time. 
  • Start your own blog. 
  • As a writer, you could earn through freelance writing. 
  • Sell your stuff online on platforms like Amazon and eBay. 
  • Sell stuff in yard sales. 
  • Rent out your car or a spare room. 
  • Consider housekeeping. 
  • Pet and babysitting. 
  • Take legit online surveys. 
  • Be a consultant. 
  • Try out mystery shopping. 
  • Graphics designing. 
  •  Sell your high quality photos.  
  • Consider getting into the show business. 

Some of these jobs can be done at home after you have retire. When it comes to earning income, bury your head in your works and get things done. 

Which are the best Investments for you? 

Investments are made hoping for good returns in the long run and we here are finding ways to get you making more money to make it easy to retire at 50.  There are many investment types that you can consider, some which will make you very lucrative returns but always keep in mind that investments have risks. 

You can start investing as early as your 20s and you can invest in the following types of investments; 

  • Bonds 
  • Stocks 
  • Retirement accounts 
  • Annuities 
  • Products offered in banks 
  • Peer to peer lending 
  • College savings 
  • Commodity futures 
  • Security futures 
  • Real estate 

A better good night sleep, you get to pay less taxes and being ahead of inflation are some of the advantages of getting into the investment business. Investments are part of retirement planning and if done right you can look forward to better quality of life and also those many vacations you desire can become a reality. 

Personal finance management tips 

You need to get your finances in order for you to dwell in a financially friendly world. It has become much easier to manage one’s finances with the development of personal finance software. These finance software programs enable you to pool all your accounts and financial institutions in one platform. 

To improve your financial life, you have to: 

  • Work on and stick to a budget. 
  • Learn how to not only plan for your future just for retirement purposes but also for unexpected emergencies. 
  •  Let your money work for you through investments by opening up businesses. 
  • Work on your saving. 
  • Avoid getting deep into debt. 
  •  Seek help from financial advisers. 
  • Use the finance applications. 
  • Be aware of your net worth. 

How you manage your funds will have a great impact on your life today and days to come. Making budgets, saving and venturing into investments are the basics of personal finance management. With these, you are bound to succeed financially. 

It is always advisable to have more than you actually need in your savings accounts. With all in place, all you’ll be left with is making beautiful memories in life. 


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